Dec. 30th, 2011

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Title: If You Have A Family, You’re Rich
Fandom: X-Men First Class/X-Men
Pairing: Erik/Charles, Logan/Scott, others
Word Count: ~1955
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In a universe where Erik and Charles didn’t split up, they raise the next generation of mutants. They have a large family of children and adults, and everything is going swimmingly, minus the rest of the world trying to kill them. Then their son Scott starts dating the fighting instructor, Logan. It’s going to take all of Charles’ powers to keep Erik from ripping Logan’s metal skeleton out.
Notes: For [personal profile] mezzanineview for Christmas! Also, so un-betaed. Messing with all canons like whoa, so this is a massive AU of comics and movies, all blended together.

Late Christmas Present is late! )
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Hello hello! I've gotten behind on LJ again, but that's part of my New Years Resolutions! :D

1. Post something to LJ everyday/check flist everyday.

2. Post something to my jobbies everyday (starting on the 1st, I'm going to post a review of this cool web series. I just need to finish watching it, just a few eps left! Tomorrow shall be spent finishing it up and typing.)

3. Read something everyday (Starting with Unfortunate Events)

4. Play one video game at a time to it's end. (Starting with Saints Row 2)

5. Write something everyday (starting with a Merlin fic that needs to get done! And my big bangs!)

And that's it! For now anyway, I'll have to add more if I think of them. I already did number 5 today ( and I've been reading the comics I got for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, it was all right. Mom and I got stuff we wanted, but the White Elephant thing we did at my aunt's was bad. Mom got this candle thing and I got a toy thing. IDK, I'll take pics. Also, no one (NO ONE) asked what mom got for Christmas, but they asked everyone else. :/ I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT.

Fucking family.


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