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Title: Werewolf of London
Author: honeybearbee
Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin, slight Morgana/Gwen, hinted at others
Rating: R for violence and some blood
Word Count: 32,022
Warnings: Werewolves. 1850s. Magic. AU of a fake universe, so if some things don't match up with the real world (ie the way British University works), that's what I’m going with. Character death. Someone trying to force themselves on another.
Summary: Arthur takes Merlin to Europe, however bad news strikes Merlin's family so he has to go home. On his own, Arthur becomes a wild werewolf, hell-bent on revenge. It's up to Merlin to save his friend and keep him from killing people in London. Things get more complicated when Uther, Valiant, and Sophia all start making trouble for the pair. Then it gets even stranger.
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone mentioned here. They belong to the BBC.
Art Link: Here
Author's notes: I have a few people I want to thank and without them, this story would not have gotten written. So thanks to:
-shan_3414 for being the being the best fucking cheerleader I could ask for. If anyone says otherwise, I will punch them in the face. She kept me going when I was freaking out and helped me stay sane. Well, less crazy. <3

-popkin16 for talking about One Piece and then books (book houses!) and then Merlin. I sent the fic to her and she kept making heart eyes at it, so I figured I was doing something right. She also read it over for me, checking for any left over mistakes of mine, when I just couldn’t re-read it anymore. She always wanted to know what would happen (evil suspense!) and that made me want to write more. <3

-amythystluna for making the amazing art to go with my story. She actually made me write my story better because she needed details and once I got in the habit of writing details, I couldn’t stop. I love the input she gave me and her art is just amazing. I know she was working on pieces for another story as well, so I thank her for being able to work on mine as well. <3

-vinylsigns for helping to beta this (again!). I must have sent her like, three to five copies and she just kept them all and sent it back at once with amazing notes and suggestions to help my story become more fleshed out and less full of mistakes. She put in a lot of time into this story even though I know my story came in second after raiding (ha ha, jk jk.). <3

-guilshad for being a crazy person who beta-ed my story as well as other stories! I’m sure she was very busy, so I appreciate the time she took to go over my story and make it amazing. I’m grateful for her input and suggestions and I’m glad she picked my story to beta. Hopefully, I didn’t make too many mistakes and didn’t drive her crazy. <3

- And last, but not least, the_muppet for putting this all together (twice now!) and being a fantastic mod. Thanks for all the hard work and being super helpful and amazing! <33333

If my title makes you think of Werewolves of London, then my job is done. Arthur’s werewolf look is partly based off this and this. I made the chapter headers and madnessisreal (and I kind of. I cut it, but she made it better) made the story break art from amythystluna's art. Also, because my betas worked very hard, any mistakes found in the story are my own.


Prologue and Chapter 1//Chapter 2//Chapter 3//Chapter 4//Chapter 5//
Chapter 6//Chapter 7//Chapter 8//Chapter 9//Chapter 10//
Chapter 11//Chapter 12//Chapter 13//Chapter 14//Chapter 15 and Epilogue

Link to LJ|| Link to AO3
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This fic began so many years ago, when Arthur first looked into Merlin's eyes and said "I love you!" *cough* Ok, in actuality this fic began when I first saw "The Beginning of the End" and near the end of the episode, Merlin literally has to pick between saving Mordred now or saving Arthur later. Anyone looking at Merlin can see that decision on his face, especially Mordred. Mordred pulls an Episode One Anikin Skywalker and seems to glare super quickly at Merlin. At that moment my brain went, "Mordred is jealous of Arthur." Why you ask? Merlin hesitated at picking who would live, his boyfriend or this magical kid. Then my brain was like, "What if Mordred was jealous of Arthur because Arthur takes Merlin's attention away from his son, Mordred? What if Mordred tried to kill Arthur because of this? What if Arthur liked it?" And that somehow morphed into Merlin and Arthur are Mordred's fathers, which led to this. So, now, onto the fic! :D

Title: Uncer giedd geador
Author: [profile] firedragon9
Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin, minor Morgana/Gwen, mentioned Lancelot/Will
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 23, 402
Warnings: Spoilers for Series One, since that is all I’ve been able to see. The fic turns Series One into an AU at “The Beginning of the End”. This started as a crack!fic, as Mordred would rather kill Arthur than be his son, but soon turned into this epic that got super serious at times. Hopefully it still isn’t too much of a crack!fic though.
Summary: Merlin connects with Mordred, Arthur is doubtful, Morgana and Gwen are aunts, Uther and Gaius are just thankful they have a grandchild, and it leads to a big happy family. Except for the part where Mordred keeps trying to kill Arthur, but other than that, one big happy family.
Author's notes: The title is from Wulf and Eadwacer, an Old English poem. I’d like to thank [personal profile] vinylsigns for all her hard beta work. She found things I never even saw as mistakes, since I've put so much time into this story. She also made sure things made sense! ♥ Any mistakes left in the fic are mine. I would also like to thank [profile] arithilim for her awesome art. I want to stare at it all day! She also put up with me emailing her, like all the time, at the end so ♥. Also, there might be codas to this fic because there are somethings I had to leave out and I would like to expand on other things.
Art link: Is at the LJ link below. :D
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters mentioned here, which makes me really sad. :(

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3


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