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I wrote two fics for X-Men First Class. :DD They can be found over at A03 (http://archiveofourown.org/users/honeybearbee). They are the first non-job related writing I've done in awhile. And I want to write more! \o/

I'm working on my Merlin Games fic and my Portal fic. I had to drop my Fallout New Vegas fic because I don't think I could write 20k in a couple months. :( Oh well. Portal will get all my love and attention. For my Merlin fic I want it to be either 500 exactly or 1500 exactly. I wrote a nice 100 word fic that was super good. :DD

I wrote a review for this awesome web series, Standard Action. It's here: http://nerdsinbabeland.com/archives/5603 if you want to read it. You should totally watch the show though. It's great!
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Hello hello! I've gotten behind on LJ again, but that's part of my New Years Resolutions! :D

1. Post something to LJ everyday/check flist everyday.

2. Post something to my jobbies everyday (starting on the 1st, I'm going to post a review of this cool web series. I just need to finish watching it, just a few eps left! Tomorrow shall be spent finishing it up and typing.)

3. Read something everyday (Starting with Unfortunate Events)

4. Play one video game at a time to it's end. (Starting with Saints Row 2)

5. Write something everyday (starting with a Merlin fic that needs to get done! And my big bangs!)

And that's it! For now anyway, I'll have to add more if I think of them. I already did number 5 today (http://honeybearbee.dreamwidth.org/8205.html) and I've been reading the comics I got for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, it was all right. Mom and I got stuff we wanted, but the White Elephant thing we did at my aunt's was bad. Mom got this candle thing and I got a toy thing. IDK, I'll take pics. Also, no one (NO ONE) asked what mom got for Christmas, but they asked everyone else. :/ I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT.

Fucking family.


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