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1. Here's my only tattoo!

2. I've been wondering about racism. Like, isn't everyone apart of the human race and then it's broken into Nationality; American, Britian, Japanese, etc.? And hating someone based on color is more...colorist? I DON'T KNOW. Racists are stupid. >:(

3. I've also been thinking about Steve Rodgers aka Captain America. So I've had two thoughts about Steve:
a. Steve is a virgin. Either he's waiting for his true love or marriage. And even if presented with a chance to make love (cause I bet he calls it that), he wouldn't because he's a stand up guy and wouldn't take advantage of anyone.

b. Or he made love to someone (Peggy, Howard Stark, Bucky, ANYONE) before he became a super solider or before his final mission before being frozen for 60 odd years.

If (a) then I'd like to think Tony wants to de-viriginze him, like sends him ladies and men and Steve is all, "Uh...no thanks. How are you though?" and then Steve actually hits it off with someone and Tony is all, ">:( MINE." and they live happily ever after.

And then Thor joins in. I LIKE OT3'S OK?

4. TMI )
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I've been wanting a new tattoo. Like, everyone I know seems to have gotten one and it makes me want another! I'd either want 1) the first line of the Green Lantern oath:
In brightest day, in blackest night

2) the last line of the Blue Lantern oath:
Look to the stars-- For hope burns bright!

or just
For hope burns bright!

3) or a quote from an Emily Dickinson poem.

Or all three if I can manage it. The problem is figuring out where to put them on my body. I already have one arm taken up, so not sure where else to put it.

Also, anyone else having issues posting entries to LJ? I keep getting Error updating journal: Client error: Invalid argument(s): Invalid hour value.


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