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I've just devoured so many comics, you have no idea. I have so many ideas floating in my head and I think they are awesome. \o/

1. Tony/Steve: Tony thinks Steve is a virgin and sets out to de-virginize him. He does all the romantic stuff he thinks Steve would like. But then Steve is like "No. Not a virgin." and totally pounces on Tony.

2. Logan/Peter Parker: Logan has had enough of Peter talking so much and shuts him up with a kiss. I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

3. Logan/Bobby: Bobby was the first one Logan talked to when he wanted to start the school. Not only 'cause he thinks Bobby is great, 'cause he likes him.

4. Alec Holland (Swamp Thing)/John Constantine: Look. I read "Search for the Swamp Thing". There's no way to convince me that Constantine isn't crazy about Alec/Swampy. That's all I'm basing it on really, but I want it.

5. Hawk/Deadman, Hawk/Dove, Deadman/Dove: Maybe Hawk doesn't hate Deadman (ok, well he does), but he really wants to fuck him. And Dove. Maybe at the same time. Hawk's head is a weird place.

6. Booster Gold/Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes): Ok, like, Booster likes Blue Beetle. He's awesome and funny and doesn't care when Booster goes on rants about how awesome he is. He laughs at all of Booster's jokes and some of the weirder things he promotes. Plus, Blue Beetle has cool powers and is a bad ass in the field. The only problem, he's 16 and even Booster wouldn't try to date a 16 year old. No matter how much he wants to. Damn morals. I MIGHT ACTUALLY WRITE THIS. AND THE NEXT ONE.

7. Tony/Steve, Logan/Peter, Peter/Steve: LISTEN. MY HEAD. KIND OF AWESOME. Ok. So. Steve loves Tony. Peter loves Logan. Both think that Tony and Logan are straight(-ish), but even if they weren't no way would Tony love Steve 'cause Tony loves to sleep around. And Logan can't even stand Peter's banter, so no way would be want to date him all the time. So Peter and Steve get drunk (as drunk as Steve can) and commiserate and come up with the idea to kind of date each other to see if Tony and Logan get jealous. That leads them to make out a lot, with Tony and Logan going ":/ :| >:(" at various times, but they never do anything. Steve tells Tony "I'm a virgin. I want to give Peter a blow job. Help. Can I practice on you?" And Tony says yes. Peter does the same thing with Logan. Steve and Peter then make out and not give each other blow jobs and see if they can try the same trick with the whole sex thing, but probably not. At some point Tony and Logan snap and grab their prospective lovers and fuck them silly. THEN EVERYONE'S HAPPY.


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