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1. Here's my only tattoo!

2. I've been wondering about racism. Like, isn't everyone apart of the human race and then it's broken into Nationality; American, Britian, Japanese, etc.? And hating someone based on color is more...colorist? I DON'T KNOW. Racists are stupid. >:(

3. I've also been thinking about Steve Rodgers aka Captain America. So I've had two thoughts about Steve:
a. Steve is a virgin. Either he's waiting for his true love or marriage. And even if presented with a chance to make love (cause I bet he calls it that), he wouldn't because he's a stand up guy and wouldn't take advantage of anyone.

b. Or he made love to someone (Peggy, Howard Stark, Bucky, ANYONE) before he became a super solider or before his final mission before being frozen for 60 odd years.

If (a) then I'd like to think Tony wants to de-viriginze him, like sends him ladies and men and Steve is all, "Uh...no thanks. How are you though?" and then Steve actually hits it off with someone and Tony is all, ">:( MINE." and they live happily ever after.

And then Thor joins in. I LIKE OT3'S OK?

I forgot to mention in my intro post that I have ~hormonal issues~ and my period has been wonky for ages. I have teeny, tiny tumors on my pituitary, so that's why hormones laugh at me. I have a lot of facial hair (which I get waxed off) and just hair everywhere. :/ I'm taking birth control to help stabilize my hormones, but all it's done so far is given me a period where I bleed a lot. :| I've been looking for iron rich foods so I don't loose too much blood. UGH. I DON'T EVEN. WHY DO BODIES HAVE TO SUCK?


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